Our educational programs began in 1997, and have proved to be valid tools for the scientific study and divulgation, for both primary and secondary schools.

For school groups on an educational visit to the Grotta del Trullo, it offers both guided tours of the cave and insights in educational- interactive workshops, aimed at scientific divulgation on the karst phenomenon of the Apulian territory, on bio-speleology and orienteering, but it also offers educational excursions to discover the naturalistic and archaeological peculiarities of our area.

During the visit and the workshops, the students will have a specialized guide as their tutor who will introduce them to the knowledge of the underground world of karst caves, of which the Grotta del Trullo is a magnificent and unique example.

Thus, the young explorers will be able to discover how the Apulian limestone platform was generated, how the stalactites and stalagmites develop into daring and bizarre shapes and who are the real inhabitants of this world.

School in the Nature


Individual Price € 7.00

In this laboratory dedicated to the discovery of the karst phenomenon, the structural factors that shape the geographic landscape of a karst region are analysed.

The activity takes place in a large structure immersed in the green area of the park of Grotta Del Trullo in Putignano, where the following topics are dealt with:

  • Experiments to discover rocks
  • Chemical analysis of karst water
  • How caves and concretions are formed
  • Modelling a 3D landscape with the Sandbox
  • Finally, visit to the Grotta Del Trullo

Exceptional exclusive of this laboratory is the SandBox an innovative multimedia and interactive tool that allows you to create a 3D geographic landscape in a fun way.

Sandbox info here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WcpIT-Mhbjk



Individual Price € 7.00

This laboratory has as its goal the knowledge of the territory through topography and cartography.
The interactive lesson will take place in the didactic structure of the Putignano Cave where the following topics will be dealt with: geographical maps – use of topographic maps – compass and orienteering.

Modelling of a 3D landscape with the SandBox.

Sandbox info here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WcpIT-Mhbjk

This will be followed by a practical exercise in the field within the fenced area of about two hectares of the Grotto’s park, during which the children will perform a fun treasure hunt using a compass and a topographic map.

The total duration is about 4 hours and it can be carried out in the morning or in the afternoon at times to be agreed. Furthermore, at the end of the laboratory activity, a visit to the Grotta del Trullo is also included.


Individual Price € 4.00

The Grotta del Trullo of Putignano is the first tourist cave in Puglia, open since 1935.

The tour runs alongside an easy and touristic path that allows you to admire the beautiful alabaster concretions with soft colours ranging from white to pink.

The suggestive tour consists of an exciting journey between nature and history in an underground world to be discovered, accompanied by authentic highly specialized speleologist guides.

The visit lasts 30 minutes for groups of about 25 students.


Individual Price (Visit Caves + Museum) € 7.00

In combination with the Grotta Del Trullo tour, it is possible to visit the “Prince Guglielmo Romanazzi Carducci Museum” on the same day, it is one of the most significant monuments of the artistic heritage of Apulia.

Prestigious example of a nineteenth-century historic building, with 20 rooms that retain furnishings and accessories with paintings from the XVII-XX century.

The tour in combination with the Grotto takes place throughout the morning.


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